What are trail running shoes?

Trail running is a sport which consists of running and hiking over trails. It is also referred as mountain or fell running. It is quite different from road running and track running because it generally takes place on hiking trails, often in mountainous terrain where there are much larger ascents and descents. Trail running usually involves running taking longer routes thus the right trail running shoes is very essential for efficient running.


Many trail runners use specially designed running shoes that have knobby soles which are generally more rigid than the road running shoes. The midsole often contain a lightweight, flexible nylon plastic layer to protect the feet from puncture wounds from sharp rocks or other objects. Since trail running take place on softer surfaces e.g. grass, dirt than the road races, cushioning is not at all important so the shoes are less cushioned. Such type of shoe is low to the ground which provides good and best stability on uneven terrain. Running shoes with thicker sole are also gaining popularity to a great extent nowadays.

However, one should always buy comfortable and shoe of right size that fits in perfectly.

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